Authenticity and Adulteration Testing

There is widespread industry uncertainty about food ingredient sources and purity. This makes authenticity and adulteration testing a vital part of your company’s quality control program. Consumers today are becoming increasingly interested in information regarding the origin of their food. Regulators are also demanding that manufacturers confirm the authenticity and point of origin of their products and components. At ICT, we fight ingredient fraud with modern analytical techniques, such as FT-IR, UV, HPTLC, HPLC, LC/MS, GC/MS and PCR, etc.

Botanical Testing

Botanical analysis is the backbone of natural product testing. Quantitation of key compounds has become an important part of any testing protocol for natural remedy products. ICT is an industry leader in Botanical analysis and provides trusted analytical solutions for all of your testing objectives.

Bioactivity Testing

ICT offers various bioactivity tests, addressing primary health factors. Each test uses a specific marker—a measureable biological parameter—to quantify performance.

      1.     Antioxidant and Oxidative Stress
      2.     Anti-Inflammation
      3.     Anti-Bacterial
      4.     Anti-Obesity
      5.     Anti-Diabetic

Contract Research

ICT provides a wide range of custom R&D services, including discovery research, method development validation and development of value added products from underutilized materials. Please contact us to discuss your critical research and development needs.

Food and Nutritional Testing

ICT's food and nutritional testing services use the latest methods and technology to identify risk factors, improve quality, efficiency, and add value to the market.  Our trusted service can help you deliver food products that constantly meet high quality standards while complying with regulatory requirements. We determine the composition of your product to identify the presence of additives or contaminants, and base our food and nutritional testing on the following parameters:

  • Nutrient value analysis
  • Fiber
  • Sugar spectrum
  • Preservatives
  • Vitamins and amino acids
  • Contaminants and all types of residue, including:
    • Pesticides
    • Veterinary drug residues
    • Allergens
    • Mycotoxins
    • Melamine

Stability and Shelf Life

ICT offers you:

  • Chemical analysis (nutrients, active compounds)
  • Physical Properties (moisture, water activity, disintegration, hardness, etc)
  • Organoleptic Evaluation (appearance, taste, smell, color)
  • Microbiological Evaluation (safety assessment, antimicrobial preservative effectiveness)
  • Monograph Testing (USP or International)
  • Custom protocol design services
  • Trend reports
  • Fully validated environmental chambers

The goals of a stability study are to ensure the product is stable over its shelf-life, establish or verify the shelf-life of the product, and aid in product research and development. Stability studies also provide data to support the quality of your product over time and fulfill data requirements to support shelf-life. Read More

Contamination Identification

When an unknown material is found in a product, manufacturers need to know the source of contamination. Contaminant testing projects involve the determination of components at low concentrations (e.g. ppm levels).Often, we start with a general screen of the control and suspect sample using GC/MS and LC/MS. Depending on the test results, we may need to isolate the contaminant from a large amount of sample to allow analysis using FT-IR and NMR spectroscopy. Once identification is complete, we can further quantify the contaminant in the sample matrix.

ICT has performed contamination testing investigations for the food and beverage industries; home, health and beauty; and chemical industries.

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